Subtle Indifference / Platter of Pork

The Heebie Jeebies / The Hot Boy Trio – call us what you will. Our subtle indifference and take on the ‘modern world’ never fails to impress and aggravate even the tallest of ego’s. The raw nerve we seem to touch leaves the taste of un-cooked pork in ones mouth. Visit the dentist. The battle you partake to pull the ‘gutter-boys’ down, the energy you will never get back. What really are you achieving?

Misunderstood are the words of the lost. We’re not there just yet. “The Good Times are Back” will be coming very soon. It would be a lie to tell you we are excited by it. We’ve made it, it’s you for you to be excited by, we are only great artists. Artists inspired by nature. Artists inspired by the Pork-Platter….

The Harley Hotel tomorrow? See you on the other side of the butchers knife.

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